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Submit Your Pre-Entries Here!

As our shows continue to grow, we are continually striving to meet that growth head on with innovative new ways to keep our shows flowing smoothly and quickly.

Our new Pre-Entry System is designed to help do just that. Simply type in the date of the show and each class you wish to enter, along with your chosen teammates in the Pre-Entry Form located to the left. Alternatively, you can email your entries directly to

Note that stall & rv reservations will be accepted via this format as well.

Cancellations can be made by phone or text up to one hour before a class starts. If a contestant has not reported to the show office within 30 minutes of start time, their entries will automatically be pulled and the absentee contestant will be assessed a $50 cancellation fee.*

Cancellation #(910) 305-7874.

* 100% of all cancellation fees will be used to contribute to the Added Money for the 5K Arena Series Finals. 

Show Entry Form


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Show Date

Stall / RV Reservations

5K Jackpot Entries

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